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We take care of your best friend when you can't...

Welcome to your local Doggy Daycare Service

Doggy Daycare

For many people owning a dog, and dealing with today's busy work/life balance is difficult. 

Having time to offer the love, and attention that every dog deserves and needs is not always easy.  

We appreciate many people would love to own a dog but feel it is unkind to leave their dogs alone all day. 

At Wuff Wuff Doggy Daycare we  provide that personal service and care, where your dog is treated as part of the family, 

enjoying plenty of social interaction, lots of play (and the opportunity for a rest too!)

When your dog is with us, you can be assured they will be having a great time. 

You can drop your dog off at our Wuff Wuff HQ in Gresford for a fun 1/2 day or full day of daycare. 

Due to being a home based business in a residential area we can only accommodate a small number of small to medium sized dogs.

Did you know, (The Sunday Times August 29th 2021) that '3.2 million pets have been bought during lock down. A rise in antisocial behaviour by badly trained dogs has led to a generation of anxious dogs and owners. 

We offer a safe, secure environment for you best pal to play, socialise and rest. 

A great fun day of play for your dog and peace of mind for you. 

Some facts as to why doggy daycare for your dog/s is better than just going for a walk:

Doggy day care offers a variety of activities, so you have an idea of what your dog will be doing during their day as well as opportunities for socialisation with a mix of other dogs, which can help build social skills and ease separation anxiety.

Many people feel comfortable leaving their dogs in Doggy daycare because they know that someone will always be present to keep an eye on their dog, and there will be other dogs to keep them company.

  • While dogs love to play, they also need a lot of sleep. Both the downtime and playing are essential for improving your dog's speed, mental health, and physical fitness. So we ensure there are plenty of comfy beds for a little snooze after playing with their pals.
  • Let us look after your dog so they can enjoy all the benefits of having both human and canine company -  meeting and playing with new chums!


    What Our Customers Feedback…

    Doggy Daycare Gresford
     Wuff Wuff Doggy Daycare
    Looking after your best friend when you can't
    Play, Stay and have fun!

    Wuff Wuff Doggy Daycare

    Looking after your best friend when you can't...

    Providing Doggy Daycare for your best friend!

    Stimulation and fun all day long with their new playmates - we have lots of fun toys, agility equipment  and offer senory enrichment.

    Full or Half Days - limited places available to ensure your dog gets maximum attention all day long at our Wuff Wuff HQ based in Gresford.

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