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Fireworks are coming be prepared!

Fireworks can be distressing for dogs so follow our tips on how to turn fireworks from scary to fun, by planning ahead for a cosy night-in with your dog.

  • Find out when fireworks are likely to go off in your area. Research local events to find out when local firework displays are, check neighbourhood groups on social media, Nextdoor forums, and talk to your neighbours to see if they’re planning on having fireworks in their gardens. You might even want to let them know how fireworks affect your dog and what you’re doing to help them.

  • Make sure you, or someone your dog knows well, will be at home with them when scary sounds are likely.

  • Plan your walks to make sure your dog is indoors when any fireworks are likely. This might mean changing your routine to walk them earlier in the day and changing your feeding schedule to give your dog time to eat and go to the toilet before dark.

  • Prepare your surroundings: Close all windows and doors and seal any gaps to reduce outside noise. Dogs can try to run away if they’re scared so check your doors, windows and fences are secure. 

  • Tune in to classic fm Classic FM’s Pet Classics, Charlotte Hawkins presents Classic FM’s Pet Classics – "A show dedicated to keeping you and your pet relaxed during fireworks season. Join us for two special programmes from 5pm to 9pm on Saturday 4 November and Sunday 5 November, when firework season is in its peak, for the most calming music."

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